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Natural fuels are still a popular option, and Your Stop Fuels has plenty of different options to choose from.

Using sustainable cutting practices, we have a large collection of wood and turf that can be used for all manner of fuel applications, such as home fireplaces.

Your Stop Fuels

For inquiries about purchasing wood, turf or other natural fuel sources, contact Your Stop Fuels


We sell a range of different options for kindlings. As well as our large logs, we sell large bags of smaller sticks or twigs that are perfect for kindling all types of fire.


These sticks and twigs are easily combustible and can be used for many different applications.

Wood Fuel

For small sticks or twigs that can be used as kindling, contact Your Stop Fuels

Whole Logs


For fires that need to burn long, large and effectively, you need a suitable fuel source. We sell whole logs that burn long and effectively for whatever fire you need.


These logs come as individual whole logs or in a large bag of logs that can be purchased in bulk.


For large and long-burning whole logs, contact Your Stop Fuel

Wood FAQ

What kind of wood fuels are available?

The wood fuels available at Your Stop Fuels include bags of logs, whole logs and kindlings

What wood should I use for large fires?

Whole logs, available individually or as part of a bag of logs, are perfect for large fires that last a long time.

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