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Solid Fuel


Your Stop Fuels in Mayo offers a broad selection of solid fuels to purchase in our e-store.


Each of these options comes from reputable brands and is sure to keep you warm in the coming colder months.

Your Stop Fuels

To learn more about our solid fuel options, contact Your Stop Fuels


We sell affordable and sizable bags of coal that will keep your home heated during the winter season. We offer a varied range of coals from respected brands across the Irish fuel industry.

Your Stop Fuels

For a broad selection of different coals to choose from, contact Your Stop Fuels



Briquettes are one of the most popular choices for smokeless fuels, and we are pleased to report that we have a large inventory of them.


These briquettes are perfect for individual fires or used as a fire starter for your home fireplace.

Your Stop Fuels

For more information on ordering briquettes, contact Your Stop Fuels


Firelogs are perfect not just as fire starters, but as a guarantee for quick and efficient fires. These firelogs are built with performance in mind, making sure that your fire is set-up quickly and burns for a long time.

Camp Fire

Solid Fuels FAQ

What solid fuels are available?

The solid fuels available at Your Stop Fuels include bags of coal, firelogs and briquettes.

What is smokeless fuel?

Smokeless fuel, such as briquettes, allow you to set up an impressive fire while causing minimal harm to the environment.

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