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The range of gas products on offer at Your Stop Fuels contain options perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These gas cylinders are made to last and come from respected brands in the Irish fuel industry.

Your Stop Fuels

For inquiries about purchasing a gas cylinder for your property, contact Your Stop Fuels


One of the most popular options for indoor gas heating is butane.


Butane gas cylinders are easily portable, letting you place it in any room of your household.

Gas Burner

For butane gas cylinders that are portable and great choices for indoor heating, contact Your Stop Fuels



Propane gas cylinders can be used for a number of different applications. These cylinders are typically kept outside, but once installed, can be used for heating your home, powering cooking or more.


For multipurpose propane tanks that can be used for cooking or heating, contact Your Stop Fuels

Gas Products FAQ

What are the benefits of butane gas cylinders?

Butane gas cylinders are effective because of their portability, allowing you to place it in any room in your household.

What kind of gas cylinders are available?

Your Stop Fuels in Mayo sells both butane gas cylinders and propane gas cylinders.

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